B  Jewels - The Rock Bury

B Jewels - The Rock Bury

B-Jewels is a family run business that is located at the rock in Bury. B-Jewels is one of the most recognised jewellers in Bury and takes provide in offering excellent customer service and great value for money across the range of Jewellery and Watches. B-Jewels can offer specialized valuations across a range jewellery or watches. Which is why B-Jewels is perfect for helping you get your Jewellery valued at the correct price when looking to get it insured by one of the leading insurance providers.

Watch Repair Services and Jewellery Polishing

As well as offering expert valuations B-Jewels in Bury provide a wide range of services for both Jewellery and Watches from repairs to cleaning. So if you’re looking to change a strap on your watch or remove a link from a bracelet by an expert, B-Jewels can do this for you, as well as offering the highest quality service in cleaning and polishing your jewellery or watch. So if you’re looking for fine jewellery or designer watches built to the highest standards by some of the biggest brands, B-Jewels is the place to visit. 


Call us: 0161 7621248

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 28 Central Street, The Rock,Bury,  BL9 0JY