How To Choose The Perfect Watch

With so many watches available to buy these days, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Do you go for fashion or functionality? Do you play sports and need something a little tougher? What about size, or even movement?! Don’t worry- we’re the experts and we’re here to help!

If you’re shopping for yourself, getting the style right is pretty easy- after all, you know what you like! However, if you’re shopping for a watch as a gift for someone else, knowing which style to go for can be difficult. Read on for some insider tips:

Dress Watches


Dress watches are perfect for that sharply-dressed person in your life who favours timeless, classic elegance over throwaway trends. Rotary, Bering and Seiko each produce quality, reliable timepieces that aren’t short on style.

Designer Watches

Designer watches are ideal for those who want both quality and a little pizzazz! They enjoy labels and are often toting the latest big-name bag and sunglasses. A fashionable watch from Michael Kors or Emporio Armani would most definitely impress.

Sports Watches


Sports watches are, unsurprisingly, suited to those who play a lot of sports- they need a watch that’s sturdy, hard-wearing and possibly water resistant. Sports watches are also great for those with manual jobs.

So, you’ve decided on the style of the watch, but what about everything else? Size, water resistance and movement are covered in our fabulously handy infographic below!

Be sure to print it out for quick reference when watch shopping, or share it with your friends and family. After all, a watch is a highly personal item that’s designed to be treasured by its wearer- we don’t take these things lightly you know!

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