Brand of the Month: Chrysalis

Love, friendship and sentimental meaning are the key values of British Brand Chrysalis. The journey began in 2007 by husband and wife duo Andrea and David Maine, who both shared a love for travelling the world and creating treasured moments. Their aim was to design bangles that inhabited some sort of personal connection and as the Chrysalis bangles are designed to be stacked, they gradually build up a lifetime of meaningful memories that can be taken with you wherever you go.

Chysalis stack

















Chrysalis stacked

Each Chrysalis bangle has a different meaning and that is the beauty of the brand. From good fortune to tranquillity talismans and symbols of spiritual meanings Chrysalis have it covered! These beautiful bangles allow you to add a personal touch to your jewellery and be reminded of those precious moments in life.

With Chrysalis the key is, the more bracelets the better! Here are some ideas to create the perfect stack…

chrysalis-guardian-white-chalcedony-bead-mantra-bangle-p19149-54803Inject some spiritual energy in to your life with this one from the Guardian collection. The lotus flower signifies strength and good luck whilst the Chalcedony gemstone is said to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

Guardian White Chalcedony Bead Mantra Bangle £35

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chrysalis-sapphire-crystal-expandable-bangle-standard-p13903-54766This beauty from the Good Fortune collection features a generous scattering of sparkling sapphire symbolizing loyalty and sincerity. The precious stone is also said to bring power and wisdom, the powerful meanings are etched on a sentimental talisman charm.

Good Fortune Sapphire Crystal Expandable Bangle £29

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chrysalis-believe-expandable-bangle-standard-p13778-54660Attract positive energy and affection to your life with this piece from the Life collection. The blooming daisies are said to signify love and loyalty, providing you with happiness wherever you go.

Believe Expandable Bangle £25

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chrysalis-snowdrop-expandable-bangle-standard-p13800-54682From the Flourish collection, this bracelets’ snowdrop charms denote hope and purity. The snowdrop is a flower of new beginnings making it a perfect choice if you plan to start a new venture this year!

Snowdrop Expandable Bangle £25

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Channel you inner zen with this piece from the Guardian collection. The stunning Amazonite gemstones are said to soothe and calm the soul and have qualities of truth and integrity.

Guardian Amazonite Bead Happiness Bangle £35

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Chrysalis bracelets are also perfect for gifts with a variety of Friends & Family themed bracelets to keep your loved ones close.

chrysalis bracelets

Now get stacking!

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